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Ground Rent Consultancy

As an independent agent, we can maximise the value of any ground rent investment by introducing it to a range of our investor clients whom have the desire, capacity and financial funding in place to purchase freehold and long leasehold investments.

Where a lease has yet to be created we can advise of the frequency and type of Rent Review in order to maximise the potential return for the investment.

We are in regular contact with all of our investor clients, ranging from dedicated ground rent investment companies to individual investors.

Purchaser requirements vary from a small number of units through to substantial portfolios.

Each investor has different requirements that change from time to time. The key to maximising a ground rent value is marrying the investment with the purchaser.

Sale Agreements

There are two sale arrangements that can be tailored to meet the needs of any development business;

Conventional Sale
This arrangement is typical when a development is fully built and sold and all leases have been granted.

Deferred Sale
This method can be implemented when no more than 50% of sale contracts have exchanged.


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